Principais Características

Principais Características

The KT20x5B KTS is a cost-effective new long focal length remote control portable 1/3-inch HDTV lens offered by Canon.

This particular lens is intended for end users having as their foremost priority an HD acquisition system of modest cost - to support a diversity of broadcast, professional, business and industrial remote control applications.

This lens is intended to work in conjunction with the new 1/3-inch image format HDTV cameras that are emerging as low-cost HD acquisition systems for a number of special applications.

The KT20x5B KTS has an excellent sensitivity of f 1.4 over an 20x zoom range (falling very modestly to f 1.55 at full telephoto). It has a generous 51.9-degree horizontal field of view and weighs in a low 2.62 lbs. This lens is anticipated to be a superb workhorse that can address a wide range of remote control projects.

The design optimization strategies sought a balanced MTF profile over the entire image plane at an F4.0 aperture setting. Relative light distribution was optimized for F2.8 and above and this uniformity of brightness across the image plane combines with the high contrast and excellent picture sharpness to produce vividly clear HD pictures. Contrast was extended by superb control of black reproduction - with optical and mechanical design innovations that substantially reduced flare, veiling glare, and any internal reflections. Similar attention to minimization of ghost images and other highlight-related chromatic distortions caused by strong light sources on-axis and off-axis further extend the operational contrast range of the lens.

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