HJ18ex7.6B Series

Principais Características

Principais Características

A key new member of a family of HD portable lenses, the HJ18ex7.6B is a 2/3-inch portable HD lens designed to support high definition electronic news gathering and HDTV production. Intended for producers and broadcasters, the lens offers outstanding optical performance, maintaining high peripheral resolution throughout its range.

The HJ18ex7.6B utilized breakthrough technologies and powerful computer-aided design techniques to produce an HDTV lens with a generous focal length range in a modest 3.5 lb package. Featuring a complete redesign from its predecessor model, this lens represents the latest in Canon's exemplary research and development efforts.


The HJ18ex7.6B can represent a cost effective solution to the pressing demands of broadcast newsgathering for low-weight and high-mobility and the exacting performance requirements for HDTV acquisition. The magnesium alloy body produces low weight and high durability. Superb optimization strategies helped achieve the sought-for performance - having a high resolution, best-in-class Minimum Object Distance (0.56m), an excellent MTF profile over the entire image plane, minimization of chromatic aberrations, and maximization of image contrast. The maximum aperture of f 1.8 makes this lens suited to low-light newsgathering acquisition.

A revamped digital drive unit brings improved functionality and operability to users. A new mode allows for a simple menu structure where users can easily access the most commonly used functions. Three 20-pin connectors help to improve functionality when used in a virtual studio system. Positional data can be detected immediately, which enables the lens to communicate with the camera immediately without any manual initialization. Additionally, the revamped drive unit boasts a reduction in power consumption.

Uniformity of brightness across the image plane combines with the high contrast and excellent picture sharpness to produce vividly clear HD pictures. Contrast was extended by superb control of black reproduction - with optical and mechanical design innovations that reduce flare, veiling glare, and any internal reflections. Similar attention to minimization of ghost images and other highlight-related chromatic distortions caused by strong light sources on-axis and off-axis further extend the operational contrast range of the lens.

Tight control of the critically important geometric distortion at wide-angle settings constituted another central design imperative. The lens spectral transmittance characteristic was closely coordinated with that of all of the major portable cameras industry wide, to help ensure adherence to the HDTV colorimetric standards and to additionally support flexible creative control of color reproduction.

While the lens performs well in the close range often used in news reporting, compared to the previous HJ17ex7.6B- the HJ18ex7.6B has an expanded range of 7.6 - 137mm (274mm with 2x extender). This wider range is helpful in a variety of new gathering situations. Best of all, the lens is able to maintain a high level of optical performance at any distance within the range of the lens.

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HJ18ex7.6B Series


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