HJ17ex6.2B IASE

Principais Características

Principais Características

Premium versatile HDTV lens: Wider & closer, brings additional mobility to HD video production.

As HD continues to become the worldwide standard for broadcast TV production, there is an increasing need for versatility in HDTV lenses that enable more efficient production operations without sacrificing high picture quality. In particular, there is strong demand for lenses that combine superior wide-angle performance with sufficient telephoto range to boost the mobility of camera crews and make operations more efficient.

To fulfill the needs of users such as these, Canon has researched and developed the HJ17ex6.2B, embodying the uncompromising high-dimensional quality for which our products are known. The HJ17ex6.2B is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Canon optical technologies, and serves as a highly innovative premium versatile HDTV lens.


The HJ17ex6.2B represents a further advancement of the HDxs Series, already the premier series of HDTV lenses.

Offering optimum mobility and superb optical performance, the HJ17ex6.2B is a new addition to Canon's premier HDTV lens lineup, with a broad focal length range from 6.2mm to 106mm (212mm with extender). Professional users are now more able to select the appropriate lens for their expressive needs, and produce video with the high quality for which HDxs is renowned.

Outstanding optical performance of the Canon HDxs Series

The HDxs Series makes optimum use of original Canon optical elements, Hi-UD (Hi Index Ultra Low Dispersion) glass, large-diameter high-precision aspherical lenses and more, with their potential maximized through designs employing Canon's original "Power Optical System" optical design technology.

At the same time, the HDxs Series succeeds in suppressing ghosting and flaring by employing ray simulation technology in conjunction with original Canon spectral coating. Its amalgamation of advanced Canon optical technologies also minimizes curvature of field, chromatic aberration, chromatic aberration of magnification, and axial chromatic aberration throughout the entire field regardless of focal length or subject distance, stably exhibiting peak optical performance.

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HJ17ex6.2B IASE


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