Principais Características

Principais Características

Third Generation Flagship Studio Lens
The worldwide explosion in HDTV production and the emerging interest in 1080/60P/50P studio origination spurred the desire for increasingly higher performing HD studio lenses. The design of this third-generation HD studio lens sought the highest possible image performance in the 2/3-inch image format. A decade of progressive advances in optical design techniques, optical materials, optical coatings, and multiple manufacturing processes coalesced to produce a truly outstanding HD studio lens.
The many attributes of optical image quality that have benefited from this totally new design are as follows:

New glass materials and contemporary design strategies have achieved an exceptionally high MTF at picture center and at image extremities.

Contrast Ratio
New multilayer anti-reflection optical coatings provide even greater control over internal reflections and flare to produce superb black reproduction.

Spectral Response
The deployment of new glass materials and the multilayer coatings on every lens element surface have elevated the overall transmittance of the lens while also shaping its spectral response to optimize the HD lens-camera color gamut.

Chromatic Aberrations
New design techniques and innovative deployment of many different glass materials has significantly reduced both longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations across the entire focal range of the lens. Lateral chromatic aberration is exceptionally low over the entire focal range.

Geometric Distortion
At the widest angle of 6.5mm the lens manifest a tightly controlled barrel distortion that is subjectively not discernible. The low pincushion distortion across the majority of the focal range is virtually invisible.

Relative Light Distribution
The falloff in image brightness from picture center to extremities inherent within all lenses has been minimized by employment of large glass and optical compensation techniques. Over the aperture range from wide open typical to studio shooting, the brightness across the 16:9 image plane is superbly controlled - ensuring an excellent contrast ratio over the entire picture.

Management of Strong Light Sources
Capitalizing on extensive global experiences with our predecessor HD studio lens, a variety of innovative strategies were mobilized to closely control the ghosting and veiling flare artifacts that can be stimulated by unusually strong light sources within a scene.

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